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You finally made it to the show, you had a decent ride, and you can now kick back and blow off some steam with your favorite peeps. It's the first time you've felt relaxed since you left the barn. Let the good times rolls and the drinks flow into a worry-free night. Sure, you might regret this in the morning, but you can worry about that then. Wait...did I drop feed?!

Fragrance notes: woodsy notes blended with grapes & red cherries.

JARS: Our signature candles will give you 70+ of burn time. When done, pop out the wax and reuse these sturdy canning jars to hold braiding bands, studs, and other random barn objects! 11 oz.

TINS: These small but mighty tin candles are the perfect size for smaller areas of your home. A great addition to a cozy den, entry, or bathroom. Excellent for traveling too! 35+ hour burn time. 6.3 oz.

WAX MELTS: The perfect flameless option that delivers a big, bold scent. Just pop one in a wax warmer (not included) and enjoy! A great way to sample each GHCC scent. 2.4 oz.

REED DIFFUSERS: These lovely 7-ounce (200 ml) reed diffusers will make the perfect addition to a barn, bathroom or business. A safe alternative to a traditional candle, especially when horses are involved! Our rattan reeds are all natural, with clear channels within the reed that allows the oil to travel upwards. Will provide you with a wonderful stable inspired scent for 3-4 months.