SALTY MARE – Grey Horse


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    The great divide: you are either a mare person or not.  Sure, she may be a tad dramatic and overly sensitive at times but once you win her over, she is yours for life. This beachy fragrance embodies our salty mares with the sweet, creamy scent of coconuts.  Because let’s be honest, deep down she’s just a softy. And always remember, she owns you!

    Fragrance notes: coconut, lime, bergamot, melon, salty sea air, jasmine, white patchouli, tonka, amber, vanilla & musk. 

    Our signature jar candles will give you 70+ of burn time. When done, pop out the wax and reuse these sturdy canning jars to hold braiding bands, studs, and other random barn objects!

    11 oz